Symptoms of an Asthma Attack

Asthma is a respiratory disorder which can sometimes even get life-threatening. There are numerous asthma attack triggers which should be kept in mind to avoid an attack. I shall tell you the symptoms of an asthma attack in adults and children as well, so that precaution can be taken to avoid any serious consequences.

An asthma attack is caused by the severe swelling and inflammation of the airways. Due to some triggers, allergens or irritants, the airways get narrowed, and the tissues that are inflamed also produce mucus. All this leads to problems in breathing, which is simply the condition, asthma, or an asthma attack. Dust, pollution, extreme exertion, smoking, and conditions likewise are the major triggers that can cause an asthma attack. Now for the asthma attack symptoms that you should look out for.

Symptoms of an Asthma Attack in a Child

Due to the mucus and the narrowing of the airways, the most common symptom seen in kids is a wheezing sound. As the child breathes and the air goes into the lungs with great difficulty, a wheezing and whistling sound can be heard. The child will feel very breathless, and in severe cases, can even fall unconscious. The child may also experience tightness in the chest, and in most cases coughing. Children suffering from asthma usually feel weak and suffer from fatigue. Asthma can also result in pneumonia and bronchitis in children, if proper care is not taken.

Symptoms of an Asthma Attack in Adults

Just like in children, in adults too the most common symptom is wheezing. The patient will also experience a tight chest and difficulty in breathing. An adult suffering from asthma will also experience a lot of sweating during an asthma attack. An increase in the heart beat rate and palpitations are other common symptoms that are experienced. The individual will also find it very difficult to talk normally, due to the condition he is in. Difficulty in sleeping is another indication of an asthma attack. Another common occurrence is dry cough, which is very irritating, and sometimes painful too. Sometimes, the earlier symptoms can be an itchy throat and an irritating headache. The asthma patient can also experience a bluish color on the lips, nails, and sometimes anywhere on the skin.

All the symptoms of an asthma attack are quite prominent, and due care should be taken to relieve the individual from these symptoms, either at home itself if the symptoms are mild, or at the doctors if it is turning out to be a sever attack. But the best way is simply prevention of an asthma attack. The individual should be hygiene, stay away from polluted places, avoid strenuous activities, and avoid those foodstuffs that can cause an irritation to the throat and breathing process. Always keep your inhaler with you. Prevention is anytime better than cure, isn’t it!

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