Cell Phone Radiation Protection Tips

One thing that everyone has been forced to sit up and take serious note of is the problem of radiation with regards to cell phones. And let me tell you that whatever it is, or however serious or negligible it is, nothing is going to stop us from using this wonderful 20th century invention. So what do we do then? Well fret not, coz here I am going to tell you about some precautionary measures that you can apply to help keep yourselves relatively safe. Just keep these cell pone radiation protection tips in mind, and you don’t have much to worry about the cancerous electromagnetic rays that mobile phones might be emitting.

The first tip that I have for you is to try and use your phone as much as you can with the earphones or earplugs. Yes, this will help cut the level of radiation to a great extent. It does not matter of it is a wired or wireless device. Both ways, they have much lower radiation levels as compared to using the phone directly. Even if you use your phone on speaker mode, it would be good, and much better than putting the phone to the ear, whenever possible.

Check your signal when you plan to make a call. If the signal is good, then go ahead. If it is bad, then wait a while till it gets better. The reason being, when the signal is low or bad, it emits a higher amount of radiation as compared to when the signal is strong. Another benefit of this is that, you will be making calls when the signal is good, which will facilitate better quality of calls and no cuts.

It is a fact that children are more at danger than adults regarding radiation from cell phones. Their brains absorb 200% the quantity of radiation from mobiles as compared to adults. So if you have children that use cell phones, make sure they use it only when absolutely necessary, and also as little as possible.

Well this one I don’t know how to put. But well, here it goes. Cell phones emit less radiation when the call is being received. They emit higher levels of radiation when you make the call. So simply make unavoidable calls, and stay away from making calls that are not really necessary. Let the other person call you, and only receive calls that are of real importance. This one, the constant chatters are not gonna like, am sure.

Keep you cell phone as far from you as possible when it is not in use. Even when you are at work or at home, do not keep it in your pocket at all times. Keep is somewhere on the table at the farthest possible distance. Also when you are using a earphone, do not let the phone lie in your pocket, hold it in your hand as far as possible. The radiation levels of cell phones drop dramatically as the distance between you and the phone increases.

As much as possible, use texting as a means of communication over calls. Phones emit much lesser radiation through texting as compared to calling. And then also, the phone will not be at your ear near your brain. So obviously it is much safer, right!

Lastly, do not use a case or keypad cover for your cell phone unless it is absolutely necessary. Although these accessories help to keep the phone safe and as good as new, the phone actually needs more power and signal to be used, so the level of radiation increases accordingly.

Till technology progresses and the world has a solution to this problem we all face, it is up to you to protect yourself from cell phone radiation. These small steps that I have mentioned will go a long way in making sure that the levels of radiation you are exposed to are minimum, and do not affect your health in the long run. So keep this simple cell phone radiation protection tips in mind at all times, and be safe!

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