CoolWriteups Solved : Muhimbi The remote Server Returned An Error: (401) Unauthorized


The service account that MDCS is running under does not have the privileges to load the XSN file from SharePoint


07/31/2012 08:52:17.58 w3wp.exe (0x1A28) 0x1E18 SharePoint Foundation Workflow Infrastructure 98d4 Unexpected System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[SomeCompany.ConvertToPdf.WorkflowActivity.MuhimbiService.WebServiceFaultException]: Muhimbi.DocumentConverter.WebService.Data.WebServiceInternalException: Exception of type ‘Muhimbi.DocumentConverter.WebService.Data.WebServiceInternalException’ was thrown. – Details: “The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.” at Muhimbi.DocumentConverter.WebService.InfoPathConverterFullFidelity.Convert() at Muhimbi.DocumentConverter.WebService.DocumentConverterService.Convert(Byte[] sourceFile, OpenOptions openOptions, ConversionSettings conversionSettings, Boolean checkLicenseStatus) (Fault Detail is equal to SomeCompany.ConvertToPdf.WorkflowActivity.MuhimbiService.WebServiceFaultException). 3c893397-76f0-40ed-af08-5e4023277759


  • Log into the Server running the Muhimbi Document Converter Service with an account that has sufficient privileges to access the Services running on the server;
  • Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Services and scroll down till you find “Muhimbi Document Converter Service”;
  • Right click the service and open Properties, click the Log On Tab and make a note of the account running the service;
  • Go back to the SharePoint 2010 site, click Site Actions > Site Permissions and add the Service Account to the “Visitors” group.

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