Road Trippin – Day 5 – Tamworth to Sydney

Rise and shine!! 🙂

It’s time to leave the peace and quiet of Tamworth and head to big and bustling Sydney. The weather this morning was perfect for riding and I wanted to make the most of it, so with a hint of excitement I was up early ready to pack my bike and head off.

I decided to have brekkie (Maccas 😬) and check out the Big Golden Guitar on my way out of town. I didn’t realise I was going to spend so much time here, even got myself a fridge magnet – a yellow Tamworth guitar 🙂

Before you know it, it’s 9:30am and I’m still in Tamworth!! Anyway, I’m in no hurry and proceeded towards Sydney at an easy cruisie pace.

Heading out of Tamworth and the views still continue to mesmerise. I couldn’t help but think about these views being lost to population growth and commercialisation.

After a few unwanted stops (seriously I need to make fewer stops) I was in Sydney and checked into the Vulcan hotel with secure parking just around the corner for $20 AUD per night.

Tomorrow I will be taking in the sights and sounds of Sydney, see you then 🤓

Derek Halstead is a SharePoint consultant as well as the founder and principal of and He has 16 years of experience in the IT industry, with over ten years focused on Microsoft SharePoint. He can be reached by using the Contact Me link in the top menu.
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