Road Trippin – Day 6 – Sydney Walkabout


Finally I’m in Sydney and it is beautiful. It’s a huge city and very multicultural with mostly tourists from all over the world this time of the year.

I started the day at the Vulcan hotel with a decent brekkie and then walked to Hyde park to join a group of tourists on a “free” walking tour of Sydney. The guide was knowledgeable, she should be, she lives in Sydney and works as a guide everyday.

Most of you reading this post have most likely visited Sydney or know of Sydney, but did you know that Sydney was originally named “New Albion”, later changed to “Sydney”, after the (then) British Baron Lord Sydney? The name stuck and people just started calling Sydney, Sydney 😊

< img src=”” class=”size-full”>< img src=”” class=”size-full”>After a long tiring day checking out the sights and sounds of Sydney it was time to head back to the hotel to get some much needed rest and prepare for the next day – the ride to Bateman’s Bay! This will be the first coastal ride of this journey which I’m so looking forward to. See you then 🙂

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