Road Trippin – Day 4 – Tamworth Walkabout

Heading in to Tamworth I couldn’t have been more excited. The owners at the retreat in Dorrigo suggested Tamworth because it was “lively with plenty of bars playing live music”. Unfortunately that is not what I experienced. I’m not sure if it was the time of year or whether it was the weekend, but it was pretty quiet and I felt let down!

Well I went for a walk around Tamworth anyway and took some shots.

I’m sure Tamworth comes alive during the country music festival starting late January. I’d love to come back then and experience it first hand. Anywhoo, I did spend new year’s eve at a bar called the Albert which was lively with a live band playing at one end and a DJ playing at the other end.

Happy New Year to everyone reading this post.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Sydney for two nights before I head on to Bateman’s Bay. Catch you then 🙂👍

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