Google Voice Search and Search By Image Available for Computers

Google Voice Search
Google Voice Search

Google voice talk and search by image will be available for users worldwide by the end of this week. In fact, the image search option should already be available as we speak. Yes, voice and image search is something that Google has been inspired by from Voice Search and Google Goggles. Isn’t it interesting that innovations for mobiles are now leading to developments being done for PC users!

Google Voice Search is a feature Google is introducing on its Chrome browser. There will be a microphone icon in the search box which a user needs to click on. Once this is done, the user will have to speak into the PC’s mic, basically with a search query. Well it is just like one would type something to search for in Google online. Google sees this a way of increasing searches globally, and also the main idea is to allow those users to use the search feature on Google, who do not spell well, or if they are searching for something which has a difficult spelling, or if the search is complicated, and also those who literally have their hands full with something else or some other work.

Google Image Search is based on the image recognition technology that Google has released for cell phones. In this, a user has to put in an image, and Google will come back with similar images and search results that are related to that image. Users can use this search option simply by dragging and dropping an image, or even by putting in a URL of an image. The way things seem, Google Voice Search and Search By Image will revolutionalize the way people around the world will search for things they are looking for.

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