Top 10 Military Powers of the World

War is something that is synonym with mankind now. There are conflicts of all types going on across the globe as we speak. When these die down, others start. The reasons are many and complicated. Many people believe that war solves nothing, while many believe that it is the answer to silence the enemy. Whatever one’s theories are, arming our countries has become inevitable in this day and age, if for nothing but to act as a deterrent to the enemy not far away. Military budgets are on the top of agenda of most nations nowadays. Though, there are many countries who do not even need to bother much about their military spending, given their geographical location and other factors.

Nevertheless, we are going to have a look at the top 10 military powers in the world today. The rankings have been given after considering overall factors like manpower, war experience, nuclear weapons stockpile, level of modernization, etc. These statistics keep changing, and there are many nations who have hidden assets too, but these rankings are close to true and will remain the same for a few decades at the least.

Top 10 Military Rankings

1. USA 692 bn 1,475,000 9,600 25,000 2,400
2. Russia 56 bn 1,200,000 12,000 3,300 300
3. China 100 bn 2,300,000 250 5,500 1,000
4. India 36 bn 1,350,000 100 3,300 225
5. UK 73 bn 225,000 225 2,300 150
6. Turkey 25 bn 615,000 NA 2,700 300
7. South Korea 26 bn 650,000 NA 2,300 200
8. France 45 bn 365,000 300 2,500 300
9. Japan 70 bn 240,000 NA 2,700 150
10. Israel 16 bn 190,000 80 2,800 100

These were the top 10 military powers in the world as of now. The figures mentioned here are from official records, though they might not be the whole truth, as we know there are many countries that have the own secret defense agendas and programs going on. Peace to all!!!

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