Road Trippin – Day 16 – Homeward Bound – Melbourne to Canberra

After the Great Ocean Road I returned to Melbourne the following day for three nights to relax and recover from the long trip. I decided to get some Asian food as the hotel I stayed at is in Melbourne’s Chinatown area. I had Michelin star street food from Singapore for $8.80 at Hawker Chan.It was amazing!! I also had ramen at Musashi which was excellent.

I must admit, I had no intentions of leaving Melbourne if it wasn’t for a new job offer in Brisbane. I love Melbourne as the weather suits me well. It is never hot and humid like in Brisbane and there is heaps more to do. The Australian Open tennis is just four days away and it would have been nice to go to the tennis and catch a game or two.

Anyway it’s homeward bound and my plan is to ride from Melbourne to Canberra and then to Newcastle NSW on to Coffs Harbour and finally to Brisbane.

As usual the weather in Melbourne was gloomy but I managed to get a photo at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, well barely.

From then on it was up the highway and on to Canberra. This was my longest ride on this road trip and with frequent stops along the way it took longer than anticipated. The weather too didn’t help with frequent rain and strong winds the closer I got to Canberra. The views along the way made up for my wet shoes and socks, clothes and dirty motorcycle.

Canberra can be an excellent stopover especially if you are looking for some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a decent social life, even for the outgoing introvert like me.

I love the Barton area and stayed at the Brassey hotel for the second time in six months.

After a long tiring day on the motorcycle it was time for some rest for myself and my amazing Indian Chief Vintage. Tomorrow we ride to Newcastle NSW. See you then…

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