Insulin Shock: What to Do?

An insulin shock can also turn out to be fatal if serious. This problem can affect any individual who is suffering from diabetes and is under insulin medication. And what’s more, it can happen anytime. More than the individual himself, it is essential for family members and friends of a diabetic to know about the symptoms of an insulin shock, and what should be done in such a scenario.

All diabetics are required to control their diet at all times. Most patients are also required to take insulin shots and other related medications. All this is needed to keep the increased blood glucose levels in check at all times. But sometimes it can happen that the insulin or medications that are being taken result in dangerously low glucose levels. Also termed as hypoglycemia, this is when as insulin shock might occur. As I mentioned, it can be due to the medications, or even improper diet, not eating well, excessive exercising, and the likes. The patient might sweat a lot, experience a severe headache, feel dizzy, and in serious cases, even faint completely. In such a case, insulin shock treatment needs to be resorted to. So how to treat an insulin shock? What to do in case of an insulin shock? If family, friends, or anyone around the patient doesn’t have the answers, then we have a situation. We I will solve that by telling you exactly what to do in case of an insulin shock.

When a person intakes some diabetic medication, he can experience an insulin shock within a matter or minutes, or even after a few hours. So care needs to be taken at all times. In mild cases when the patient complains of a headache or a little dizziness, immediately give him some sugar to eat, after making him sit down. Even things like candy bar, chocolate, fruit juice or a glucose bar would be some good options. But directly giving sugar is the best option, as the sugar immediately gets into his bloodstream and reverses the effects of an impending insulin shock. In a serious case, where the diabetic starts turning pale and may even lose consciousness completely, he needs to be immediately injected with glucagon. After which, you need to take him to the hospital or call up his doctor at once. If this is not done, the patient might slip into a coma, and in very serious cases, suffer from multiple organ failure and even die.

Now as the age old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. So a diabetic needs to make sure he follows the required diet, does not over exercise, and yes, have his breakfast everyday, which is the most important thing. He should ideally carry some sugar or glucose tablets with him at all times. And as I said, they key is, people around him most of the times should be aware of his condition, and know what all needs to be done, the things I have mentioned here.

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