Fruits for Glowing Skin

Our skin is something that goes a long way in enhancing our looks, and this is the case especially for women. Everyone loves to have glowing skin, and will do almost anything to achieve this. But did you know that including some simple fruits in your regular diet can help you a great deal in this quest. Yes, this is a fact.

Of course you can continue using your beauty products and other methods to keep your skin just the way you want, but fruits will help enhance the glow of your skin in a long way. So now let us have a look and check out exactly which are those magic fruits for glowing skin. Here we go…

Fruits to Eat for Glowing Skin
We’ll start off with the number one fruit for glowing skin, which is an orange. Now besides the numerous benefits that oranges give us when consumed, the vitamin C in this fruit is very beneficial for maintaining glowing skin. The collagen in oranges helps slow down the skin from aging. Dried and powdered oranges are perfect to be used as a natural scrub. Then we have the banana. This fruit is rich in vitamin A, B and E, and also has a lot of potassium, magnesium and iron in it. The vitamins that it contains helps fight aging skin. A mashed banana facial will make your skin glow like never before. Next comes our very own lemon. As far as consumption is concerned, its vitamin C content is great for the skin. Warm water with a spoon of honey mixed with some lemon juice is perfect to have the first thing in the morning, and this works wonders for cleansing the skin. The inside of a lemon peel works great to remove dark spots on your skin, when rubbed. For bleaching, mix honey with lemon and apply on the skin. Now who does not love apples! The antioxidants in apples helps preventing tissue and cell damage in the skin. Mix some mashed apple, rose water, honey and oatmeal, and apply on the skin. The collagen and elastin in apples are just perfect for skin exfoliation. Next we come to the papaya. This fruit contains a great enzyme called papain, which works well in curing skin impurities and killing the dead cells in the skin. Simply eating the fruit, or even applying it on the skin will work wonders, and you will end up with some lovely glowing skin. Last but not the least is the mango. This fruit has an abundant amount of antioxidant and vitamin A. These properties help in fighting aging skin, and they also regenerate the skin cells, besides bringing back the elasticity of the skin.

Well as you can see, these common everyday fruits are so very useful for our skincare. And now that you know all about the fruits to eat for glowing skin, you won’t be complaining anymore about dull aging skin for some time to come.

Note: These tips are for general use. Anyone suffering from any skin disease, or whoever is allergic to any fruit, needs to consult with their doctor for specific advice.

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