CityVille on Facebook Tips

Facebook, the social networking website with over 500 million users. In this day and age, if you aren’t on facebook, you aren’t connected. FB IDs are exchanged and searched for as much as phone numbers or any other ways of contact. Now besides being a great platform to keep in touch with friends, find old friends, make some new ones, advertise a business, FB also has some of the best applications and games on its site, to keep us all occupied in something, like a thing as a stress buster or the likes.

Do you know which is the most happening game on facebook at present? It’s none other than CityVille. With over a 100 million users, it is something that everyone wants to do on FB. So if you have not jumped in yet, you need to. And for that, I will answer your question as to how do you play Cityville on Facebook. So now you want some CityVille on Facebook tips right! The CityVille on Facebook tips and tricks that you will find here, will make your gameplay all the more easy and fun, so that you can enjoy this game to the maximum.

Cityville on Facebook Tips to Keep in Mind

1. First, search for the application on FB and add it to your profile.
2. You start off with a piece of land. Go to the ‘build’ button at the bottom, and start building the structures that are available.
3. At the start, you have a small city, and the main objective of the game is to expand your city into a big metro, by carrying out various tasks.
4. You are the mayor of the city by default, and this gives you all the powers to carry out all necessary tasks needed to expand your city.
5. The tasks that you can perform at the start are a few, and as you expand, you earn energy points, besides your experience levels increasing. As you progress, you can perform more tasks, which get unlocked on the way.
6. Add neighbors (important to progress), harvest crops, build structures, start business centers, and keep playing more and more to increase your experience level and earn coins.

Just remember to keep playing, add neighbors, perform tasks, build structures, because the more you do, the more experience levels you climb and coins you earn, which will simply allow you to unlock activities and tasks along the way. And go on performing the new tasks, which will just allow you to progress further and enjoy the game more as you play along.

Yes, it is that simple. I am sure these Cityville on Facebook tips will get you started proper. Aren’t they pretty simple? And you will get better and learn more tricks as you keep playing. There is no better guide than experience. So mate, see you at CityVille!!!

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