5 Flirting Tips for Girls – How to Flirt with a Guy


5 Flirting Tips for Girls that’s sure to get you that handsome hunk you always wanted to date.

1. Flirting with the Eyes

Eye contact is essential when flirting with a potential partner! You can usually tell if a person is confident or not just by looking at their eyes. When someone looks at you for longer than usual you instantly know there is attraction. The next time you are interested in a guy, look into his eyes for a little longer than you normally would. But you must never stare, look at him a few more times for longer than usual. He will instantly know that you are interested in getting to know him.

Look into his eyes gently and then pull away slowly with a genuine smile. This is sure to send shivers down his spine.

2. Open Body Language

If you’re looking to attract a potential mate you must transform your body language and be more inviting. If you don’t, then you send the wrong signals. Have a smile on your face, uncross your arms, be more friendly, try and take the intiative to go up and introduce yourself. Try and do all this when you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then you might really send the wrong signals!

Guys like girls who are friendly and down-to-earth and easy to talk to. So, when you are more inviting it makes it easier on the guy to approach you.

3. Flirting Gestures

One of the best ways to attract a guy you are interested in is by making certain gestures that are sure to send the right signals. Some of these gestures include twirling your hair, licking your top lip seductively, playing with your ear lobe.

When a guy sees you do this he knows he is in with a chance. He knows that you are interested and take pride in the way you dress and feel. And if you’re a bloke reading this,  you can respond to these gestures by smiling and walking up the girl to introduce yourself.

4. Full Body scan (gently)

You could get in trouble for doing this, but if you do it with a classy confident look on your face, biting your lower lip gently, you could be in with a shot. Careful though, as it could be a turn off, if the guy is not interested in you.

If the guy is indeed interested, this technique is sure to get him smiling. A good way to do this is to look into his eye and when he is noticing you do that, gently look down his shirt and arms. This should definitely send the right signal letting him know that you are interested in him.

5. Touching

One of the best flirting tips to let a guy know that you are interested is to gently stroke his arm when having a conversation with him. But don’t overdo it, you are only trying to send a subtle message. But be warned, this could come across as thrashy if the guy is not interested and you could end up in court facing a sexual harassment case.

Some ways to go about doing this right is by touching his arm when having a conversation or sharing a joke. You could also stroke his arm when at a party and you’re having a drink with him. Remember not to overdo it because if you do then you risk sending the wrong signal.

Remember to always be yourself, be genuine and smile.

Have any of these tips worked for you? Do you have any tips you could share with our audience here at CoolWriteups? We love your comments and encourage you to share them with us.

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