CoolWriteups Solved: Copy Document Libraries from One Project Server 2007 Workspace To Another

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Applies to:

  1. Project Server 2007;
  2. MOSS 2007;
  3. SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard (2.8 Beta by Chris O’Brien)



The usual disclaimer applies, please backup your environment and use your development and test environment before progressing to the production environment. You take responsibility for your actions.

How to copy documents (files) from one Document Library to another library in a different workspace:

Export Process

Make sure you have two workspace like:

  1. Let’s say we want to copy a document library called “Initiation” from PWA to PWA1;
  2. Open the SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard tool found here:
  3. Select the Export option and enter the full URL for the PWA site, click next;
  4. In the Select content for export screen, expand the PWA workspace, right click the document library and select Export > Include all descendents;
  5. In the Export Settings screen
    • Export method should be ExportAll,
    • Include versions should be All,
    • Include Security should be All;
  6. Select the Export folder and enter a name for the exported file. Leave Disable compression as unchecked; (These settings will vary based on your requirements, do this at your own risk. More information about these settings can be found here:;
  7. Click Next and then Finish to export the document library to a folder (saved as .cmp)


Import Process

  1. To import the document library “Initiation” into the PWA1 workspace, open the SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard, select the Import option, in the Site URL enter the full address for the PWA workspace and for the Import Web URL enter the full address for the PWA1 workspace. You can probably get away with simply using”/PWA1” for the Import Web URL;
  2. In the Import Settings page, browse to the .cmp file to import and
    1. Include security should be All,
    2. Version options should be Overwrite,
    3. User info update should be ImportAll;
    4. Click Next, check and recheck all the information on the screen and then click Finish.

The above Export and Import processes should work provided a document library with the same name and field structure exists in PWA1. The files in the PWA1 document library will have all the versions and users retained as they were in the original PWA document library.


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