Top 5 Myths about Love

Love is what makes the world go around, or even puts a stop to our routine lives. There is no greater feeling than being in love. Some say love is blind, deaf and senseless, while some others say there is nothing without love. Some people fall in love only once in their lifetime, while for some, finding true love never seems to happen however much hard they try. Whatever each one’s situation is, there are some common myths about love that we all need to know. Even though may i add that, after knowing these too most of us will tend to ignore them when we are first attracted to someone. Nevertheless. What are they?

Common Myths about Love

Myth I: Love at First Sight
Most of us out there are knowingly or subconsciously looking out for an ideal partner. There are times when we see someone for the first time, and think, yeah, this is the one for me. But more often than not, it is simply attraction. Of course there are exceptions, where people who have fallen in love as soon as they have seen each other, go on to become a couple later, but love can only develop after being together for some time. Attraction turns into getting to know each other, which in turn develops into love.

Myth II: Love Only Happens Once
Everyone believes or wants to believe that true love happens only once. We all tend to believe that there is that one person out there that God has made for us, who will come our way eventually. Well, you would be one in a million if you find that one person first shot, and go on to live your lives together. Most of us will have heartbreaks and breakups, and then eventually settle down with the one who clicks with us.

Myth III: Opposite Poles Attract
Well let me tell you that this happens only in physics and fairytales. Of course when you meet someone your total opposite, you will be very much attracted to that person, would want to know all about him or her, and find everything so interesting and lovable, just because it is different from what you are. But in the long run, you definitely need a partner who believes in the same ideals as you, who thinks quite like you, and who complements you in most ways. Only then can you survive together.

Myth IV: A Guy Needs to Make the First Move
This may have been the case centuries ago, but not now. At present we live in an equal world, where women rub shoulders with men everywhere, be it a job, business, or a home. And women have so very well shown that they are equally capable of doing anything a man can, if not better. So for those women who think that it isn’t cool to make the first move, think again! Unless you would like to be left watching while someone else comes and sweeps your man off his feet.

Myth V: Happy Couples Never Fight
Unless you are God, or characters in a novel, you are going to fight and have those small arguments. Everyone does, no matter how much in love they are. And if a couple never fights, then they are hiding things from each other, for sure. Small tiffs and arguments help in strengthening relationships, and increase respect for one another. This is a fact.

These are the most widely believed top 5 myths about love. If you are someone who believed in these, don’t fret, we all do or did. Love does make us blind, but the sooner you open your eyes and settle with that one person, the better for you only.

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