Martial Art Belts

martial-art-beltsMartial arts originated more of a form of defense, rather than attack. The various forms have been in existence since centuries. Some forms of martial arts originated in japan, while others came out from China and Korea. Slight variants are followed in countries like Brazil, while the rest of the world usually goes with the norm.

In each form, there are colored belts that depict the level a student has reached in his training. That’s what we’ll have a look at, the different martial art belts along with their colors. They begin from novice and go to expert level.

Taekwondo Karate Judo Jujitsu Hapkido
White White White White White
Yellow Yellow Yellow Red Yellow
Green Orange Orange Yellow Blue
Blue Purple Green Orange Red
Red Blue Blue Green Black
Black Green Brown Blue
Brown Black Purple
Black White-Red Brown
Red Black

Students start with white belts in all martial art forms, and as they learn more moved and advanced techniques, they are awarded different colored belts as they progress.

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