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Road Trippin – Day 3 – Bellingen to Tamworth

I checked the weather forecast for day 3 and no matter where I decided to ride to the weather Gods forecast rain. At the Mountain Lookout Retreat, the evening of day 2, the weather changed from warm to strong winds with clouds forming. My room was a single room with a sliding glass door and a sliding insect door. I slept with the sliding glass door open and this wasn’t the best idea due to the loud winds, needless to say, I didn’t sleep very much. I was also anxious about the rain forecast for the morning and worrying about how I was going to make it to Tamworth in the rain.

The morning of day 3, the winds had calmed down and even though there was a hint of rain I could tell I had about an hour or two before the heavens opened. It was only a matter of time.

I had everything packed and ready to go at 8:00am, I said thank you to reception staff and was on my way….in very windy conditions. Riding a bike this big in conditions like this through two state forests isn’t easy. An hour into the ride and it started to rain. I stopped and changed jackets but my Redwing 8112 boots were soaked and so were my deer leather gloves. The speed limit on the road was 100 and here I was averaging 70. I wanted to get to Tamworth safely and just imagine having a fall in the state forests with no one around to help, so it made sense to ride safely. It is always sensible to ride safely!!

Leaving Dorrigo mountain at 8:10am I rode through Ebor, Armidale where I stopped for breakfast, the Cathedral Rock national park, Uralla which is a very cozy town and one that I wish I stayed a bit longer in and finally arriving in Tamworth at 2:00pm. I am a sucker for beautiful views so I stopped at every opportunity to take some amazing shots.

Arriving in Tamworth I was excited, looking forward to the bars and making new friends. It was quiet! At first I thought it was probably because it was a Saturday, maybe it was late in the afternoon. Where were all the country music bars that I was told about?? Anyway I took it easy when I got there and then decided to head out later in the night.

I found a couple of bars at the end of Peel street not far from where I was starting at CH on Peel which is a nice boutique hotel. The bars both had live bands playing but not the country music I was looking forward to, nothing like the Nashville I was thinking!! Instead there was a band playing 80s music, the name of the band – ‘All Access 80s’. Cool name and a very cool band!! For dinner reason thought it just didn’t feel like Tamworth.

It was a fun night but it was getting late and so I decided to head back to the hotel.

And that’s it for day 3!! Tomorrow I will get a feel for Tamworth! Until then…

Road Trippin – Day 2 – Ballina to Dorrigo

Day 2 didn’t get off to the best start as planned. The night before the owner of the Colonial Motel in Ballina suggested I park my Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle in his newly built garage for security reasons. He was right, it was a good idea, but then we got talking about motorcycles and I forgot to mention to him that I’d be leaving at 8am!! This turned out to be a problem because he only opens the reception at 8am, which meant I had to wait till 8am for him to open the garage for me to get my motorcycle!! So, I ended up leaving at 9:30am by which time the weather was starting to warm up, traffic getting busy and I had to ride for five and a half hours to get to my next destination – the Lookout Mountain Retreat.

My ride started at Ballina and then on to Lismore, Casino, Grafton, Nymboida and finally Dorrigo. The ride through the state forests between Casino and Grafton was the highlight with 99 kms of blissful motorcycle riding and not a lot of traffic. If only the weather was a little cooler it would have been perfect. Well, at least it didn’t rain!

I must admit I’m not a big fan of windy roads and definitely not on the Indian Chief Vintage. This motorcycle prefers open highways where you just sit back and cruise. Personally I dislike having to change gears so often on a bike this big!

But when you’ve got views this good, who cares right??

I’m absolutely in love with nature and the outdoors. I believe I get this from my Dad who is an avid fisherman and in his day used to do a bit of hunting too. The freedom to head out and leave the busy career circus behind is great.

Well, that’s about it from me for today. Tomorrow I’m off to Tamworth, the country music capital of Australia where I will be spending three nights and will usher in the new year. Let’s hope it’s going to be a rippa!! 😎

Have a good one, chat soon…<< p>< /p>

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Internet Explorer 11 Plays Video But No Sound

I’m not sure why but recently when I upgraded my Internet Explorer browser to Version 11.0 I noticed when I opened a video in the browser it played but without sound.

To fix this:

  • Go to Internet Options > Advanced Tab
  • Scroll all the way down and select the Play sounds in webpages option

You could also update this setting by requesting your network administrator to run a Group Policy update.


Have you done anything else to fix this? Let us know below.