CoolWriteups Solved: Link Items Option Not Showing In Project Server 2007



Applies to:

  • MOSS 2007;
  • Project Server 2007.



The usual disclaimer applies, please backup your environment and use your development and test environment before progressing to the production environment. You take all responsibility for your actions.


When uploading a document to a document library in an EPM Workspace created with a custom template, the “Link Items” link in the document properties window will not open to allow you to link your document to a Risk or an Issue.


  1. Backup the original document library, either by moving the files to another document library so as to maintain the version history or alternatively you could use this fantastic free SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard tool available here:
  2. I am all for taking backups in a situation like this so I also created a different workspace and imported (using the SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard)  all the files from the document libraries to this workspace just in case!
  3. Once you have backed up the problem document library, delete it and this is where it gets interesting, you need to:
    • Recreate the document library by using the “Project Document Library” template found in the “View All Site Content > Create” page.
  4. Now you must add your custom fields back to this document library and you should be good to go. Try uploading a document to the library, the Link Items link should work.

If you come across an error like “You do not have permission to Create Object Links”, please refer to post You Do Not Have Permission To Create Object Links.

You may have an alternative solution which also works to solve the problem above so please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you.


Derek Halstead is a SharePoint consultant as well as the founder and principal of and He has 16 years of experience in the IT industry, with over ten years focused on Microsoft SharePoint. He can be reached by using the Contact Me link in the top menu.
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