SharePoint 2013 – 401 Unauthorised Error When Accessing My Sites Site Collection


In SharePoint 2013, once you’ve created a dedicated Web Application to host My Sites and a Site Collection with the My Sites Host template, you open a browser and enter the address of the new Site Collection which in this case is http://mysitesdev2013.domain.internal only to see a 401 Unauthorised error.

I set my My Sites web application with a host header URL, so I did make a DNS entry similar to http://mysitesdev2013.domain.internal.

Log files will display the following warning which is a good indicator of what the problem is:

8059 Warning Alternate access mappings have not been configured. Users or services are accessing the site http://servername with the URL http://mysitesdev2013.domain.internal. This may cause incorrect links to be stored or returned to users. If this is expected, add the URL http://mysitesdev2013.domain.internal as an AAM response URL. For more information, see:″/>


I solved this by creating an Alternate Access Mapping (AAM) for the dedicated My Sites Web Application in the Custom Zone. See image below:

Certified Solutions - SharePoint 2013 - My Sites - Alternate Access Mapping (AAM) For 401 Unauthorised Error

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