ASUS Transformer Infinity TF700 Factory Reset

Disclaimer: Please note this is untested, carry out the procedure below at your own risk. Coolwriteups or it’s Authors will not be held responsible for loss of data or damage to your tablet. Remember to back up all your content as a factory reset will delete everthing on the tablet.

You may need to perform a factory reset if your tablet does not function as per normal. To perform a factory reset of your ASUS Transformer TF700 tablet (only), do the following:

  • Turn off the Tablet;
  • Hold the Volume and Power buttons down together;
  • This will bring up the option to ‘Wipe User Data’;
  • Selecting the ‘Up’ Volume button will select the ‘Wipe User Data’ option;
  • Selecting the ‘Down’ Volume button will run the ‘Wipe User Data’ option.

Good luck.

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